IMG_1137I call this the temple with too many steps but it is also my favorite temple in Bali, or at least the places that we’ve gone to – this probably was the best one for me. To reach the main temple complex, you would have to go down the hill and go back up to the complex, allot about 2 hours for this, depending on your walking/hiking skill level. :) Entrance fee is also 15,000 rupiah or 60 pesos.

IMG_1138This older lady is very robust. She just came from the temple with this thing on her head walking like it was nothing. So, we thought it would be an easy walk.

IMG_1141Plus you get to see amazing rice fields like this on the way, it wouldn’t be so bad. Fast forward to 20 minutes into the walk, we’re like “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes.

IMG_1148We finally reach the complex to see these impressive stone carvings and they are huge!

IMG_1162We also walk a bit more to reach the main temple complex. We were lucky to have witness a huge Hindu celebration as the temple was really busy.

IMG_1167Ladies preparing their offerings.

IMG_1164This was the inner temple courtyard and we weren’t allowed in for obvious reasons.

IMG_1168This is what it looks like when I zoomed in my camera. More offerings and prayers being offered.

IMG_1169They just kept coming. Whole families with little ones in tow wearing their lovely Balinese dresses.

IMG_1181We explored the area more, hardly any tourists here. This river divides the temple complex with half of the stone carvings on the other side.

IMG_1185On our way back, we could still see a lot of families coming to the temple dressed nicely with their offerings.