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IMG_0934Tirtha Empul or the Holy Spring Temple is a Hindu temple famous for its holy water used for purification. Entrance fee is 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah or about 60 pesos. Most locals come here to bathe for purification purposes and some of them even take some of the holy water home to be used in purification rituals as well.

IMG_0939If you are wearing clothes that are above the knee, you would be given a skirt to cover yourself for free to use around the temple complex. Our driver Mr. Ketut, tied it up for us. Some of the foreign/tourist bathers even used this sarong as the only cover up they had to bathe/purify themselves since they probably didn’t bring any extra clothes.

I’ve seen a picture of a Philippine local celebrity Zsa Zsa Padilla bathing here when they were visiting Bali.

IMG_0941This is the entrance area before the spring pools.

IMG_0962IMG_0964A lot of the locals said a few prayers and gave their offerings before dipping into the pool.

IMG_0969Since we didn’t bring any extra shirt or clothes, we just dipped our legs into the pool.

IMG_0979IMG_0986I think there are 13 of these that you can purify yourself with but they said that you should skip one of these since it’s for purification of the dead, I’m not sure which one it is though.

IMG_0995Here’s what it looks like from the side.

IMG_0996There’s a temple complex towards the back of the complex.

IMG_0997IMG_0998IMG_1001Tourists are not allowed in this area since this is an actual temple and it’s sacred for those who are here doing their offerings.

IMG_1002IMG_1005Off limits for good reasons.

IMG_1024These are the rules of the temple.

IMG_1026This is a beautiful pond we walked by on our way out. On the right side were stores selling food and clothing. Next to this complex is an impressive house on a hill built for the former president but it’s currently used as a guest house for important guests.

Rating: 4/5. The temple complex is well maintained and very unique. We enjoyed exploring the area. It wasn’t overly crowded.