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IMG_0877This is coffee in its raw form. Our visit to the Kopi Luwak center was also suggested by our driver and this was probably one of the highlights of our day since the experience was just interactive and a novelty for non-coffee drinkers like us. :P

No entrance fee for this one. They have a number of guides in the center and we got Wayan. So what they do is take you around the premises and introduce to you the process of making the coffee especially Kopi Luwak which is the most expensive coffee in the world.

IMG_0886This is the civet or luak – a small catlike animal that selects the best coffee bean, consumes it and then poops the beans and they look something like this..

IMG_0879Not to worry since the bean still has a protective covering after consumed by the civet. These are the different stages of a coffee bean.

IMG_0893The last stages are roasting as demonstrated by this wonderful grandma.

IMG_0891They then grind it and it’s ready to be consumed.

IMG_0896IMG_0897After this, we were led to the tasting area. We got to pass by this beautiful covered path with veggies growing over our heads. This reminded my friend of the movie A walk in the Clouds that’s why we nicknamed Wayan as Keanu.


We got to a table with information and samples and a view while Keanu went to fetch the glasses for sampling.

IMG_0906These are the different kinds of tea and coffee they had. They had ginger tea, lemongrass tea, and a few other things I can’t recall. :D

IMG_0908Some of it were actually pretty good. If you wanted to taste Kopi Luwak, you have to pay extra. It’s about 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah if I remember it right but I’m not too sure. Everything else, they put on the table is free though. They even had a thing which you can smoke. This one..


These were their products.

IMG_0910After this, we were lead to their store – naturally where you can buy the products that you like. Since, we’re not really into tea nor coffee, we didn’t buy a thing. We felt bad though so we just gave Keanu a tip before leaving. He also showed us a fruit called snakefruit because of the shell. They were also selling them by the store.

IMG_0931It was weird since I’ve never come across something like this before. It kind of tasted like lansones but with the consistency and texture of an apple. It didn’t taste bad. It was just weird for my palate since it’s something new.

IMG_0933I do recommend this experience since we really enjoyed it. ^.^