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IMG_0853There are a slew of buffet restaurants with the view of Mount Bromo on this area. We didn’t really choose which restaurant we went to, our driver did that for us and we didn’t really mind. I’m sure they get some kind of commission about it. The buffet costs 100,000 Rupiah with 20% service charge so your bill goes up to about 500 pesos. If you buy coke or bottled water which is gold, it’s also about 100 pesos.

The restaurant itself ambiance was just okay. The facilities are not the cleanest but it’s still okay to use. This is what the buffet looks like.

IMG_0825This is where we were seated.. The area is huge and it can accommodate a lot of people.

IMG_0826The food is so-so. This is the desert table with banana fritters, sweet rice desserts.


There’s tempura – veggie tempura that is, egg fu young and shrimp crackers.

IMG_0828Yes, there is chili paper too.

IMG_0829Fried noodles and vegetables. There is also some kind of chicken dish. There’s also a satay station where they hardly grill and refill the sticks of chicken, pork and fish.

IMG_0832Here is my first plate consisting of rice, veggie tempura, pork satay which tasted weird, fried fish which also tasted weird like the oil they used to fry it was just wrong. So really, the food was bleh.

IMG_0838This was my dessert plate consisting of fruits and this sweet rice dish with grated coconut on top.


But really, you pay for this kind of view.

IMG_0844Mount Batur, why so pretty? ^.^