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IMG_0786Elephant temple or what is locally called Goa Gajah is a complex with a cave, bathing pools, waterfalls, and rice paddies. It is located outside of Ubud. Entrance fee is 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah. On entry, if you have short pants, they would give you a cloth for cover.

The bathing pools are empty.

IMG_0771IMG_0782IMG_0783I thought the cave was huge but it’s pretty small inside. It has a few relics. I’m not sure what they meant since we didn’t hire a guide.

IMG_0797IMG_0796 IMG_0799 IMG_0800If you walk towards the back of the complex, there is a ravine with stairs going down. And you would see some small waterfalls.. but we didn’t go towards the waterfalls area since it seemed very slippery.

IMG_0811We only got up to these rocks..

IMG_0812Then we climbed a few more stairs and found a few stores and this guy was painting some wooden eggs.

IMG_0816Then we see the rice paddy and we’ve come full circle back to the elephant cave.