IMG_1916I love Halloween. It’s my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. I love the dressing up part and the festivities. Last year, my friends and I hosted a post Halloween party and we got a great turn out so it has become an annual thing. We usually do it not on the actual date but the Saturday after All Saints day since everyone are not as busy anymore.

I got a lot of my ideas on pinterest and you can check out my Halloween board here. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do most of it. 

Anyway, this was our table of food. 

1We made mini BOOrgers and CLAWhouse sandwiches, baked macaroni, siomai, chips and mojos. My friend made shanghai dynamite and someone brought mini cupcakes. We cooked and prepped most of the day. We were too busy to actually eat the food at the party, bummer!

IMG_1910I wish I took individual photos but I forgot about it.

IMG_1911We handed out two awards that night. One for best in costume and another for people’s choice. 

IMG_1912 We even had a potions bar. Cool eh?

potions barWe also had a candy bar with the kids. We had an assortment of candies and popcorn. Those at the back were just regular trash bins (we bought them new) and decorated them as pumpkin and cat for the popcorn. 

IMG_1914My friend’s uncle made us a coffin for picture purposes. ^.^

IMG_1915The house is already kind of spooky to begin with but we decorated it with webs to make it more spookeh! 

IMG_1919This was probably half or three quarters of our group. I’m so glad everyone turned out in their costume. We had the usual Minnie mouse, vampires, fairies, princesses like aurora and snow white, a couple of soldiers and American Indians like myself. I bought my headpiece in Bali which was a steal at one of the artisan villages. The standout costumes for me were the zombie, maybe Juan dela Cruz, Galema and Zuma. I love Red riding hood’s cape, the cute little woody. The joker is not bad.

IMG_1920I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I look forward to next year. We might set a theme. ^.^