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IMG_0767Sahadewa is a stage play called a Barong and Kris dance based on a Hindu story. The venue is located about 45 minutes outside of Ubud. I’m not sure about the exact location but we passed by the silver artisan villages on our way there.

Entrance fee is 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah or about 400 pesos. It’s approximately $10.

IMG_0737We were a bit late but there was still this lady (who’s also one of the dancers) outside the venue to give us flowers on our ear and take pictures with our camera. I didn’t even notice that they took picture with theirs which they sold as sticker pictures on a ceramic frame. At the end of the play, you would see it outside. If our picture was not on a ceramic plate and probably on a more sturdy item, we would have bought one as souvenir but ceramics are just a pain to pack and carry.

IMG_0742The venue wasn’t packed but there were still plenty of tourists. You won’t really have a hard time finding seats. They also give you a leaflet about the story and the acts in English and other languages are also available.

IMG_0744The musicians are on the right. I think the story is basically about a son of someone being possessed by a demon, good versus evil. To be honest, I didn’t really understand it. By the third act, I wanted to play sugar crush.

IMG_0752This part was my favorite, the girls were really graceful and it was entertaining. I love the intricate hand and eye movement. Maybe it’s because I like dance so I appreciated this more.

IMG_0754I really didn’t enjoy this play. To me, it felt it dragged on too much. It wasn’t entertaining enough. The costumes were amazing though. The musicians were good. I liked the dancers but the play itself was bleh. I felt it was a waste of my 400 pesos and the one hour of my life I cannot take back. We could have seen something else like a temple. The only good thing was that we got to take a picture with some of the cast after the play. So it was good for pictures. Some of the cast were more accommodating than others. Some people still wanted to take some pictures but most of the cast already went backstage. Maybe they still had another play scheduled, I’m not sure. I would recommend for you to skip this if you’re impatient like me. ^.^