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IMG_0592The Monkey Forest is probably the main attraction in the area around Ubud City Center. It is accessible through the Jalan Monkey Forest, the street is even named after it. It is open everyday from 8:30am-6pm. Entrance fee is 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah or about 80 pesos.

IMG_0593On the entrance gate, you can see the helpful tips on the large poster framed on the left.

IMG_0594They include:

  1. Please take care of your possessions, such as: jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, plastic bag, bottle, toy, etc. (or you leave at ticket counter).
  2. Do not touch, grab, pet or tease monkeys because of their unpredictable reaction.
  3. Do not hide any food (banana, bread, snack, etc.) as the monkeys will find it even if it’s in your pocket or bag.
  4. If the monkey jumps on you, do not panic, drop off all your food and walk away slowly.
  5. Providing peanuts are not allowed because of health reasons.

If that does not scare you too much, it’s still fun to visit and see the grounds. My personal tips include to be around people and just get out of the monkey’s path as much as possible. Do not bring water if it’s possible, some of the people said they can sense that too.

IMG_0595IMG_0599The type of Monkeys in the forest are commonly called the long tailed Macaques. According to their website, as of 2011 they have about 605 population of macaques in the forest.
IMG_0605They have a few impressive structures in the forest and the grounds are well kept. There are also staff throughout the area.

IMG_0611We witnessed a monkey being violent when he snatched the water bottle from a tourist. When the tourist was trying to get his water bottle back, the monkey began being violent. He was hissing and being aggressive. It was kind of scary. He was very smart though like a regular kid, uncapping the bottle with his own hands and chugging down the water like nobody’s business.

IMG_0615We witnessed another incident where 2 monkeys climbed up this guy’s neck. They were cute at first and he was taking pictures with them but then they were trying to scratch him after a while.

IMG_0630We went into one of the temples but you had to wear a sarong first before going in. There were quite a few available before the entrance and they will put it on you. Balinese architecture is just really amazing.

IMG_0639This is really their turf.