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IMG_0571The Tropical View Cafe is located along Jalan Monkey Forest. It’s a few meters away from the Coco Supermarket. Actually, I was intrigued by the menu posted outside, they had frog legs. I ate those when I was younger. I haven’t had one in forever.

IMG_0569Prices were really reasonable. Frog legs were priced at around 200 pesos as most of the meals were. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked up the restaurant. It had an amazing view.

IMG_0572Ubud is kind of weird as it was a lot like Baguio with the up and down elevation of streets. So from the restaurant, you can overlook the street down below.

IMG_0570It was actually packed. Of course the tables closer to the paddy fields were occupied. So the street view is towards the back. We were given an option to just transfer seats. Order early since the food takes a long while, maybe because they’re very busy.

IMG_0578So after people were coming in and getting seats that we wanted, I was beginning to be upset but it was a blessing in disguise since the nicest seat in the whole restaurant which was elevated just became available! So patience does pay off on this instance. We were seated on the mat. I was happy!

IMG_0573I know we have rice fields in the Philippines but we don’t have enough restaurants that take advantage of it. It was breezy and very natural open air dining which was really nice.

IMG_0580I wanted frog legs but decided against it since I didn’t want to be too adventurous and upset my stomach. We still had the rest of the day to loiter around. Our shuttle doesn’t come until 9pm. So, I ordered Mie Goreng instead which is like our pancit canton but so much better.

IMG_0585I also ordered a side order of pork satay. They were average but the presentation was nice.

IMG_0587My friend ordered a burger. She’s not into spices so she didn’t like the local food very much.

IMG_0586Here’s another view of this lovely restaurant from the other side.