IMG_0527Ubud Palace is located on the city center of Ubud, right across the Ubud Market. Sometimes, we get dropped off here by our shuttle as it is pretty much the center of town. We thought that there was a fee going in but there was none. You can roam around some of its courtyard as it is open to the public. There are also paid performances in the courtyard at night.

According to our driver, the ubud royal family still resides here but they are not as powerful or wealthy as before. He said they even rent out some of the rooms for tourists. They’re still high up on the caste system but nowadays, it doesn’t matter that much.

IMG_0530IMG_0536The complex is still quite impressive with the ornate buildings and gates.

IMG_0538IMG_0537 IMG_0540I love the details on this wall behind one of the doors.

IMG_0548I’m glad that it is open to the public. If you only have a limited time in Ubud and can only go around the city center. This is definitely one of the places you can go to for some traditional Balinese architecture, as well as the Monkey Forest.

IMG_0550 IMG_0558