IMG_0448Ubud Market is located on the center of Ubud across the Ubud Royal Palace. There’s plenty of stuff here but we didn’t buy a thing because we were told that the prices are more expensive and it was kind of stressful to bargain on our first day. So we just walked around the market to see what is around.

We stopped by one of the reputable money changers in Bali and I forgot the name. The exchange rate in Kuta and Seminyak though is higher than in Ubud. At the time we were there, the exchange rate for $1 is 11,290 rupiah. They didn’t change Philippine peso at the money exchange place in Ubud, good thing we brought foreign currency. We were millionaires in Indonesia!

moneyHere’s a map of the center of Ubud we found at a travel agency along the busy streets when we asked for directions. I took a picture of this cute map.

ubud mapIt is quite huge. It’s not a leisurely walk around the center but it’s doable. It’s definitely much bigger than the Pub Street/Old Market square of Siem Reap.

Back to the Ubud Market, here are a few more pictures.

IMG_0445 IMG_0450 IMG_0451There are plenty of cafes and restaurants surrounding the center. The Monkey forest is also accessible through the Monkey Forest road with plenty of home stays and hostels around it. We love the Coco Mart Grocery where we would usually meet up at night with our shuttle since it had free parking and this is where we get water and snacks, it’s next to the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant. There are also taxis available, although they are not official so they only have taxi signs on cardboard paper asking you if you need one. There are plenty of cute boutique stores and shops strewn along the streets of Ubud. We even saw a local procession on one of our nights there.