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1This is actually the first of our 3 accommodations. My friend found this on Airbnb. We stayed here for 4 nights out of our 7 nights in Bali. I would have preferred to spent 3 nights in Ubud as it is plenty of time to explore the area in retrospect. The Alang Alang House is located outside of Ubud City center so you would have to drive about 5 minutes to the center of Bali. They do provide a shuttle at certain times of the day (12pm, 6pm and 9pm). It is owned by a local Balinese named Mr. Ketut in partner with a Japanese investor that takes care of Airbnb booking as well. This is their page on airbnb for more information.

When I was researching for our trip to Bali, it was normal for travelers to have 2 or more different accommodations even in a span of 4 days since Ubud is about a 2 hour drive from Kuta.

IMG_1425This home is located at the back of Mr. Ketut’s property. At the front is their traditional Balinese home with different small houses in a courtyard. It is on the second story overlooking the jungle at the back. You can actually hear the river. If you see the bamboo thing on one of the stilts, that’s the eco-friendly traditional door bell. The lady that brings our breakfast knocks with the stick on the bamboo before proceeding to go upstairs. Pretty cool! :) There’s also a hammock underneath the house if you would lilke to relax.

IMG_1442The first thing you would see are the chairs on the terrace where we would have our breakfast.

IMG_0433You have 4 options for Breakfast: The banana jaflle, banna pancake, egg and toast or the tomato jaffle. It always comes with fruits. Since, we don’t drink coffee nor tea, we opted for juice. They also give two bottles of water each day.

IMG_0517Further down the terrace is a lounge chair.. Looks like it would be good to have massages there as well.

IMG_0432This is the entire room taken from their Airbnb site. it’s usually just two beds but they added another bed for us on the foot of the two beds as seen on the first picture of this post since there are three in our group. There’s also a small seating area on the left and a desk, fridge and cabinets on the right. No TV here or phone but there’s free wifi, albeit very slow at times.


It has a huge bathroom with a tub and shower. The hot water can be weird when you use the bath tub and the shower simultaneously. It affects the heat distribution in the shower.

IMG_0429 IMG_0430This is the view outside from our beds early in the morning.

IMG_0434PROS: nice, traditional and well thought out design of the structure, quiet, breakfast was good, home owner and staff were very nice and warm in comparison to our stays in Seminyak and Kuta – they felt like family, comfort

SO-SO: wifi can improve (but they probably can’t do anything about that unless telecom companies improve their services much like here in the Philippines), value for money

CONS: The terrace is almost at the edge of the ravine, the home is enclosed and it really didn’t bother us until we felt quite a strong earthquake that lasted for 5-10 seconds at night on our 2nd or 3rd night, Location (you’d have to drive to get anything and the out of schedule shuttle costs about 50,000 rupiah or 200 pesos – they do have food delivery though)

We also got Mr. Ketut’s services for our tours and fetching us at the airport. His fee for the airport pickup is $25 and the day tour is $50. He drives a Daihatsu GranMax which is fairly new and very comfy inside. I researched on the internet and you can probably get something at around $45 from other recommended drivers but we like Mr. Ketut and for $5 divided three ways, it was really not much of a difference. I wish I had brought some kind of trinket from the Philippines to give to him and his family. It felt more like a home stay than a resort or hotel stay. Yes, me and my friends recommend the Alang Alang House in Ubud. ^.^