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Wanna know how much I spent on my trip to Madrid this summer?

Here’s what I spent:

madrid budget1. I could have gotten that a lot cheaper if only I booked earlier when they had their sale. My aunts got their ticket at around 200 euros but they also shared a triple room. I didn’t have much choice since I wanted to travel at the same time with them and stay at the same hotel. I checked easyjet tickets since I wouldn’t mind flying later or just catching up if I could save significantly but their prices were surprisingly more expensive than Swiss Air.

2. We didn’t take the metro so this only included the bus from the airport which was 5 euros, the two day tour bus pass which was 25 euros and we shared a taxi to the airport and my aunts shared most of the money, they only let me pay 5 euros.

3. We only had one big meal a day and my aunts would take turns paying for breakfast and merienda so I saved a lot. I was lucky! :) Plus the food in Madrid was more affordable than other cities in Europe.

4.  I bought a few Heno de Pravia soaps for my mom and sardines! Haha. Also, water and snacks.

5. I didn’t buy much. I only bought magnets and stickers. I also got a phone case from Benetton which was on sale.

6. Pigil pa yan! Madrid is really a city for shopping. If I didn’t set a budget for myself, I would have gone broke. So many nice and affordable pretty things. I bought 3 pairs of sandals, many shirts on sale, a trench coat in Zara that was perfect and on sale for 25 euros only! I bought a lot! :)