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On our third day, we continued on our 2 Day Bus Tour. It’s so nice to be on the second level of the bus as you have a great view of what’s happening on the street level.


On Gran Via, we took the green line and transferred to get on the blue line. These were the beautiful places we saw.. IMG_8501

IMG_8498Beautiful modern glass building..

IMG_8509The blue line had access to the Real Madrid stadium and we stopped of course to check it out.

IMG_8521I’m not a big football fan so we didn’t go in. You have the option to get a tour inside the stadium which they offer.

IMG_8537I did take a peek of what’s inside..

IMG_8538Plenty of Museums too in Madrid..

IMG_8558I think this is a major intersection in Madrid. We actually stopped here.

IMG_8562 IMG_8561So many cute cafes along this road. We actually got some snacks here on Vait but will write about it on another post.

IMG_8568This one is called [H]arina – so cute!

IMG_8583We transferred back on the green line to get back at our hotel on Gran Via. We passed by a few other buildings along the way like the Royal Palace.

IMG_8590Lastly we went into this cathedral. It’s not as grand as most cathedrals in Europe but it was very nice, quaint and peaceful. Read: not packed with tourists.

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