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IMG_8221On our first day, we basically checked out the area around our hotel located on Gran Via. The back streets were also teeming with different shops. I tell you Madrid will burn your pocket. It’s a city for some wonderful shopping. They had a couple of Zara stores a block away from each other, same with other popular stores like Springfield, Bershka, H&M, etc.

It was time for lunch and we found this All U Can Eat resto for Euro 9.95 which wasn’t bad. They had about 4 of these in the area.

IMG_8227This was my plate..

IMG_8225If you’d like a more traditional restaurant, there are a lot of cafes with outdoor dining in the area. I love the artsy colorful covered thing on the streets.

IMG_8229I love the street signs probably named after famous personalities and the time they lived.

IMG_8238After walking for a while, we decided to go to the supermarket to buy some necessities like water and snacks. There are a couple of El Corte Ingles Department store with the grocery on the basement within a block from each other so you can take your pick.


I bought 3 shoes in a span of 30 minutes..

shoesMore shopping on Gran Via..

IMG_8268The McDonald’s on Gran Via was in an a fancy building. It had great architecture, as most of the impressive buildings in Madrid.

IMG_8272Walked into a ham shop..

IMG_8291Kept walking and reached Puerto del Sol where we found a lot of people holding a demonstration – not seen in picture. Haha.


We went back to our hotel and called it a night.

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