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After you go out from picking up your luggage on the luggage carousel, when you turn left you will find a Tourist Information Office. They speak several languages including English and French. Maps are available. I immediately asked how to get to our hotel or as close as possible. I was also given a map and directions.


We were told to just walk a bit further down and exit, we’ll find Taxis or a bus. I don’t think there’s a train that connects the airport to the city but I maybe wrong. I didn’t see any access at the terminal we were in.  We decided on the bus since it will only be 5 euros per person. Tickets can be bought inside the bus. You really can’t miss the bus stop.

IMG_8188IMG_8193That wasn’t our bus. The Airport Express Bus is actually yellow and it only has 3 stops: The O’Donnell at the junction with Doctor Esquerdo, Plaza de Cibeles (this was our stop) and Atocha station. It runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 35 minutes during night time. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get to the city.

IMG_8189These were the pile of Taxis just right outside the terminal. Looking back, we could have just taken the taxi which would cost us about 35-40 euros. At least it gets you to the hotel itself. You don’t have to walk a good 40 minutes and get lost and ask every 5 minutes if you’re going on the correct direction. Since there were 4 of us, we could have split the bill. I guess if there’s only one or two people, the bus would be the most affordable transport. But if there are 3 or 4 of you and you have luggage, do consider the Taxi.

IMG_8195This is where you pay for your ticket upon entry. The driver will issue the tickets.

IMG_8198It’s a pretty nice bus with luggage storage aplenty. We asked him if it stopped at Plaza de Cibeles and he said yes. You can’t really miss it. I just counted the stops and just be aware of the first stop you see.

I wish we had taken the taxi though. According to the girl at the information desk, it would only take 15 minutes from Plaza De Cibeles to our hotel. That may be true if you knew where you were going, didn’t have luggage, and a fast walker because it’s pretty far. It took us about 40-60 minutes to get to our hotel. We could have taken the subway but we didn’t really know any better. :P

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