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I went on a 4 day trip with my aunties to Madrid and we flew with Swiss Air. It was surprisingly cheaper than Easy Jet (the known budget airlines in Europe) at the time of booking. My aunts already purchased their tickets at a cheaper rate when it went on sale a few months ago. I only purchased mine a few weeks before the trip so it was a lot more expensive. I had to secure my visa first before I could book anything. Anyway.. Checkin was a breeze, you can print out your boarding passes on a kiosk which we did. We also did the online checkin the night before so we just dropped off our luggage at the counter. We still had to line up but our line was shorter.

IMG_8166They had a 3 and 3 configuration on each side. I’m not sure what kind of aircraft it is but it looks a lot similar to what Cebu Pacific or Easy Jet uses frequently so I would guess an A320 or an A330? The legroom is nothing to rave about, no individual screens either.

They do serve a croissant and drinks too.

IMG_8167And of course.. Swiss Chocolate – nice touch.

IMG_8168The service was nice. The flight attendants weren’t very young but I guess that makes up for experience since they were very professional and pleasant. I appreciate that much more than a pretty face. After 2 hours, we’re landing on Madrid as scheduled.. ^.^

IMG_8169The Madrid Barajas International Airport wasn’t really nice. It looks old, at least the terminal we were in. It looks like it needs a major renovation.

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