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I’ve always wanted to fly Emirates Airlines but since it’s usually the most expensive, it’s not even an option most of the time. This trip though, the price was the best among the top 3 Middle Eastern airlines. Emirates Airlines is also this year’s World’s Best Airline.


PLUSES: I like that they allow 30 kilos of luggage for check in and 7 kilos for hand carried luggage, that’s a total of 37. Most airlines only allow 23 kilos of luggage for check in. The food is really good. This was the only time I’ve finished most of the food on the tray. Usually it’s a hit or miss with other airlines. The airport is really nice, plenty of shopping and food places to eat so I wouldn’t mind the 3 hour wait for the next plane.

MINUSES: Their planes are older or has seen better days. In contrast with Qatar Airlines who has the best I’ve been in so far, they even smell new. Service is so-so. They’re okay. Qatar Airlines is still better in this department. Basically, the air craft facilities are the minuses for Emirates.

Here’s a photo of the cabin.

IMG_7852The seats..

IMG_7854Blanket and headphone..

IMG_7856Now, for the food..

The complimentary bread sticks and drinks.

IMG_7866For dinner on the Manila-Dubai leg, I had beef with rice, roll, salad and pudding which was delish.. I finished everything!

IMG_7872We got another snack.. a sandwich, salad and maja de blanca for dessert.

IMG_7874On the Dubai-Milan leg of the trip, I got a croissant, egg with potatoes and sausages, and fruits for brekky.

IMG_7881Their airport has plenty of seating, you can shop til you drop and eat with plenty of options. They had a nice section with greenery too.

IMG_7875If I were to choose an airline in the future, Qatar would still be number 1 from my experience only if they’ve already fixed their new airport since last time, it was so full, there were hardly any places to sit. I would consider Emirates again if it had a more competitive price which I doubt, for the luggage and the food, or the chance to stopover in Dubai. I still like Qatar Airways better than Emirates. Emirates would be 2nd on my list. I don’t have a pleasant experience with Etihad.