IMG_4830Mambukal resort is a 35 minute drive to the town of Murcia from the city center of Bacolod. It has a number of activities families can enjoy including hiking, swimming, wall climbing, bat watching, etc. There are even accommodations available should you decide to stay for more than a day. The General Entrance fee to the park is 50 pesos for adults and 20 pesos for kids. There are fees for vehicles as well listed here. You pay separately for any other activity you would like to experience.

We started our adventure by hiking up the waterfalls. There are actually 7 waterfalls but it’s up to you on how far you would be willing to go. We only had time to go up to the first one. There are guides that can take you to each for a fee. They’re very good photographers as well. ^.^ Along the way, we saw a few bats flying in the sky.


Then he showed us this insect that is like a twig which was really cool.


There were hanging bridges, we wanted to cross one but the person in charge wasn’t around.


We finally made it to the falls after taking a gazillion pictures on scenic spots along the way.


It’s really pretty. I can’t imagine how nice it would have been to hike it up to the 7th waterfalls.

Now, time to check out the Japanese sulfur baths. This one costs 100 or 150 a person, I think.


It’s called the Mikawa Onsen. The facilities are actually really nice and it looks newly built.

It was kinda weird at first dipping strait into the hot water. The older ladies were laughing at us when we retreated back and they were like – we thought you were very brave to just plunge in. Haha. It happens that you need to take your time and ease into the hot sulfur water. We really enjoyed our dip into the pool and after some time, we called it a day.

Mambukal Resort
Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia
Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines

Telefax: +63 (34) 710-0801