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IMG_4815The Bacolod City Government Center is composed of the building with a facade of neo-classical Renaissance columns and windows according to their website. It also had the fountain and esplanade.

The building itself is really nice, It actually looks a lot like the White House. I think it was newly built.

The esplanade and the fountain are really nice as well. The local people actually come here to walk around, play, and enjoy the cool breeze. I was impressed with this area. It’s really nice at night. It’s well lighted and it seems like a fun and safe place to hang out at night.

IMG_4821There were vendors too selling food like popcorn but they were sparse. Only a couple and they weren’t hawking goods. They were just there blending with everyone else.

This is what the building looks like up close.

IMG_4826bThe Bacolod City Government Center area is perfect for night walks especially if you’ve just eaten a lot. Also, it’s a good back drop for jump shots. ^.^