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IMG_4736We were invited by this wonderful family to dinner at this restaurant. Since they live close by, they reserved a function room where we ate. The restaurant itself actually is an open concept with airy interiors. The function room however has AC which was really nice specially on a hot summer night.

We actually brought cake and they had a dessert thing set up. The family also made a dessert. I think they have a very good relationship with the owners or management.


We had some kind of salad as starters. Then the food came pouring in. There was fish, barbecue and something else.



More barbecue, chicken and shrimp.


This is chicken with sesame seed.


This was the whole spread. We also had some kind of Loco Moco which is a burger patty over egg and rice smothered in gravy.


Now, I lived in Hawaii for 4-5 years. What we had here at Kau Kau Hawaiian Grill was not really authentic Hawaiian food in my personal opinion, at least not what I remember to be Hawaiian food. Nonetheless, the food is still good. I’m not sure if maybe they just ordered a few things mixed into their menu that is not necessarily Hawaiian. I didn’t see the menu so I really cannot comment on that. The closest to authentic on this spread was probably the Loco Moco but it wasn’t nearly as good as the ones I’ve had in Hawaii. I guess you just have to manage your expectations especially if you’ve had authentic Hawaiian food. If you do that, you will surely enjoy the food here.

Our tummies were really filled to the brim after eating. We actually needed to take a walk. It’s a very good venue to eat especially for large parties.


Kau Kau Hawaiian Grill 
Burgos-Gustilo Streets, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines
(034) 433 7769