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On our first night, our hosts took us to the old PalaPala where you could buy fresh sea food at the market and go into one of the restaurants and have them cook your food.



So much yummy seafood..

IMG_4488We got fish, crabs, shrimps and squid and we headed to Aleah’s Tulahan which is just right across the market.

IMG_4490Decoration is sparse. It only has tables and chairs. A sink where you can wash your hands. Electric fans are sparse too so it can get really hot especially since it gets packed with people.

It didn’t take too long for them to cook the seafood. Here’s what we had that night.

Shrimp sauteed in garlic.

IMG_4493They were either steamed or boiled crabs..

IMG_4494Fish soup..

IMG_4495We had calamares too (not pictured).

This was the aftermath or our carnage..

IMG_4496IMG_4497We weren’t hungry at all. :P That was a good meal. Probably one of the best we had in Bacolod.