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IMG_7080We decided to check out Ueno since we were going to transfer here anyway towards our next destination. It’s one of the major stations probably next to Tokyo and Shinjuku. We ventured out and walked around Ameyayokocho Market.

IMG_7084You can see the shops on the left are directly under the train tracks.

These guys were selling stuff for 1000 yen. They were pretty funny. I bet they know how to say hello in several languages since they said Mabuhay and Kamusta ka to us. Yes, we bought a bag. :)

IMG_7090They were also selling produce and different sea foods. There were clothing and shoe stores too.

IMG_7097Look at these huge shrimps..

IMG_7098IMG_7099So, that’s Ameya-Yokochō.. A Very busy and lively market in Ueno.