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The biggest fish market in the world is closing down in 2013 and will be relocating and will open in 2014. So, this was my chance to see it for the last time as it had been for the past 78 years.

Tsukiji Market is accessible through the Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Oeda Subway Line or through the Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line. We took the first option since it’s only a short ride away from the nearest subway from our hotel. The closest JR Station is Shimbashi and it’s a 15 minute walk from there to Tsukiji.

At the Tsukiji Shijo Station, we took the A1 exit and it’s just a short walk around the corner to the guard post where I think you can apply for the limited 120 slots to get in the early morning auction. We went there at 9am, we didn’t have plans to watch the auction but we were given a map of the area and the rules on how to stay safe and not get ran over, things like that. 

IMG_6997There were still people transporting goods but it’s not as busy as I would imagine it would be early in the morning.

It’s essentially a market with cooking tools, and produce being sold.


IMG_7017My friend wanted some fresh wasabi so I bought a couple. This was the first time I’ve seen what it looks like unprocessed. I was like, oh so this is what the real wasabi looks like.

IMG_7009I’ve never liked sushi. I’m not a fan of raw meat. I wanted to be converted so what better place to give sushi a chance than a sushi place in Tsukiji Market. There are plenty lined up. Sushi Dai is the most popular but we were hungry and didn’t want to wait in line. Besides, we wouldn’t have figured out which one was Sushi Dai since everything was in Japanese. Could this have been it? It has the Dà character at the end and there was sort of a line.

IMG_7004Anyway, we just looked for a random place and we were lucky to find one with available seating. These places are really small with maximum capacity of approximately 10 people.

I ordered a set meal since I wouldn’t have any idea what I should get.

IMG_7031It looks good, really good. It also came with egg and tuna rolls which were the only two I liked out of the whole plate. Let’s just say I was not converted. I didn’t finish it while the patrons next to us where in sushi heaven. Sad to say that we weren’t but I really wanted to like it.

IMG_7042My cousin who is also not a fan of sushi got a different set menu. We both didn’t finish our plate. We just really didn’t like sushi. We were so embarrassed not to have finished it too but we just couldn’t. The miso soup was really good though.

IMG_7015This is where I imagine they held the Tuna auctions. Sayonara Tsukiji! See you at your new home next time. ^.^