I didn’t go crazy although I could have. There were just too many beautiful things. I had to restrain myself. Haha. Like I mentioned on my previous post, I fell in love with this Donald Duck hat and It had to be mine.


This adorable hat was 2600 yen which wasn’t too bad.

My next purchases were these really cute rice scoopers for 500 yen each. This adorable Mickey Mouse ice cube tray was either 760 or 1260 yen. I lost my receipt. The Disney workers at the counters were so nice about bags. Since I bought a few rice scoopers, she asked if I needed a few extra bags and I was given a few which was so nice of them. So, they come in a bag too when you give them out to family and friends.

3I also got a camera strap which was just kawaii!

2Those were my kawaii buy at DisneySea in Tokyo. I love everything! <3