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IMG_6639Tokyo Disneyland Resort is accessible through the JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line. From Tokyo Station, it takes about 15 minutes until you reach the stop at Maihama. For more information about transport and how to get there, you can click here.

IMG_6648There are actually two resorts in the complex – The Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. We chose the Tokyo DisneySea since we only have time and budget for one theme park. You have to ride the Disney Resort line to reach any of the two theme parks and the hotels. The cost is 250 yen one way – for such a short distance it’s expensive!

IMG_6673 IMG_6655Time to buy the tickets. The cost of a 1 Day pass is 6,200 yen or roughly around 2,600 pesos in today’s rate.

IMG_6682 IMG_6688First thing I did was buy my Donald Duck hat. I fell in love at first sight. Never mind that it costs more than I would normally spend and will only probably wear it once. Aint it adorable?

IMG_6707We just loitered around and took a ton of pictures. My cousin was into rides and I’m not as enthusiastic as her. She went on to one ride before she convinced me to ride with her on the next one. Good thing that the park wasn’t so busy. The waiting time on the rides weren’t that bad.

Our first ride together was the Indiana Jones one. I kind of cheated since I’ve been on this one in California so I kinda knew “what to expect”. ^.^

IMG_6742There were also fast pass tickets around but we didn’t really bother since the waiting time wasn’t that bad.

IMG_6743This was the line inside, at least it was moving fast. Haha.


My cousin had to ride this scary thing and I really couldn’t.

IMG_6773The Aladdin area..

IMG_6809We just passed by it and went to Triton’s Kingdom. This is what it looks like outside.

IMG_6824This is what it looks like inside or under?

IMG_6835There was this show in the Mermaid Theater about Ariel. It’s like a mini Little Mermaid movie only they are all suspended in the air so it really felt like you were under the seabed with Ariel and the gang. It was really cool. It was not allowed to take pictures but I still took one before the show started.


We took some more pictures with the area and the characters, rode some more rides. We even took the boat which takes you around the park.

IMG_6902We went on to our last ride which was the Tower of Terror. It was kind of intense. Good thing we were seated at the back. Haha.


IMG_6930I didn’t buy the photo but I just took the picture of our photo displayed as we exited the ride. It’s pretty cool. Asians and cameras! ^.^

IMG_6931We went to the Toyville Park and it’s pretty awesome at night.

IMG_6940The parade was at 8pm and after shopping, we still had some time so we decided to get dinner.

IMG_6963IMG_6965It was almost 8pm and we were wondering why aren’t people getting seats and waiting for the parade. We ask one of the attendants and we were told that the parade has been cancelled since the wind was kinda strong. Bummer! We could have had a better dinner outside. Oh well.

Sayonara Disney! Til next time.. Hopefully with the future hubby and kids in tow. ^.^