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IMG_6577Shibuya is a shopping district but the crosswalk is made popular by the Sophia Coppola movie Lost in Translation. Also, if you watched Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and if you stayed after the credits on Fast 6, the Shibuya crosswalk was also featured.

From the station, we asked the guard on which direction to go. He couldn’t understand when we say Shibuya cross walk, then he was like oh, scramble?  And he was right. That was the perfect way to describe it. People scramble. Haha.

IMG_6579This is a blurred me crossing the Shibuya intersection. I think we crossed it a couple of times just to get pictures.

IMG_6589Here’s a short video of how it’s like..

This is apparently Basketball Street although there wasn’t any indication of it  except for this trophy thing that says so.

IMG_6600After walking a bit, we were hungry and went into a Misono shop with a vending machine.

IMG_6602My cousin got beef Misono which was really good.

IMG_6605I thought I wasn’t that hungry so I went for the cheap one – curry on rice. I thought there would be bits of meat but it was just really curry sauce on rice. Haha. #fail