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IMG_6562Akihabara or Electric Town is know for streets lined up selling electronics. It is accessible through the JR Akihabara Station.

IMG_6572Outside the station, you’ll find the Gundam Cafe on the right and the AKB48 Theater where they apparently hold their performance everyday. AKB48 is a very popular girl pop group in Japan.


We went into a few stores but everything was in Japanese and none were too willing to talk to us. So we just walked around.  ^.^

IMG_6565Here’s a cool cafe..

IMG_6563There are also a lot of Maid Cafes around this area. Some girls in maid costumes are on the streets giving out flyers. We asked one if we could take a picture with her but she turned us down. Haha.

IMG_6566Since, we’re not buying electronics and we weren’t really into Maid Cafes, we decided to move on. :P