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IMG_6234Japanese photo booths are so much fun! This is actually our second time taking another photo. There are different kinds of photo booths. I think the cost is around 400-500 yen. If you  don’t have enough coins, they have a machine that changes your bills into 100 yen coins. It’s pretty easy to use the machines, a little confusing at first but you’ll get it anyway eventually. This particular one is located towards the end of Teramachi street.


This is what the machine we chose looks like inside. After you put in the coin, it would prompt you when to take the pictures. It even has suggestions as to what poses you can do. We just copied the ones we saw on screen since they were cute. ^.^


Then, you just look for the screen that corresponds with your booth, it’s not directly outside the booth, it’s sometimes around the corner of the booth. You get to edit it and put background images. Our machine made our eyes bigger and our faces smaller, it’s so high-tech.