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IMG_6065Kyomizudera is a sight to behold. It is located on a mountain and it overlooks the city of Kyoto. It’s also known as the Pure Water Temple and you’ll see why as you scroll down. It is open from 6am-6pm. Admission fee is 300 yen. We took the bus 100 to get here. For more information on transportation access and other information, this is their official site in English.

You’ll see lots of people along the way up and there are plenty of stores on both sides that sell snacks and souvenirs.

IMG_5952This was the entrance to the temple complex.

IMG_5953Here’s a description of the temple.

IMG_5966Our cute tickets.. ^.^


Here is that red pagoda from afar.. What a view.

IMG_5971There is the Jishu Shrine at the back of the main complex and it is a shrine about love. I will write another post about it. This is what the main temple looks like overlooking Kyoto from the pathway or bridge on our way to the red pagoda.


This is what the red pagoda looks like up close.. It’s surprisingly small.

IMG_6081There were small stone structures that look like Gods along hills and mountains, sometimes they have cover ups like aprons, some don’t. I think I’ve seen one of these in Spirited Away.

IMG_6085This is probably the highlight of my visit to Kyomizudera and I would assume this is why they call it the Temple of Pure Water. I got to drink water from the Otawa Spring which is the spring for “wishes, fulfillment and healthy long-life”. You can read the description below for more information.

IMG_6088You can actually buy a cup to put in one of the rods you get the water from and take it home. I didn’t buy one. There was a small line which was manageable. They have this UV thing where you get the rod and put it back in, I think it cleans or disinfects it. I didn’t drink from the actual cup from the rod, I just got some and put it in my hand and drank it from there.


I must say that spring water is very refreshing.

IMG_6127There were also stores that sold charms like most temple. We actually bought a couple here.