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IMG_5816Getting a Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass is probably one of the best budget travel advise I could give you. It only costs 500 yen or roughly around 200 pesos. A one way fare on the bus is 220 yen and on the subway, the fare starts at 220 yen. You can get the full value of the bus pass on 3 or more rides. Most of the tourist sites in Kyoto are more accessible by bus than the subway.

You can get the pass directly at the bus but you should ask the driver first if they have any available passes since my cousin said that it runs out especially during the busy season. You can get a few bus passes if you’d like to buy one in advance since you put it in the machine on your first use and it marks the date you used it at the back. Then you just show it to the driver before you exit on the front door. On our first day, we bought the pass at the tourist information office at Kyoto Station since we were already there and we wanted to get the bus map which was very handy. It tells you the bus number that goes on the route and how to transfer.


On bus stops, you will find which buses would stop there and the schedule.

IMG_5807Here is the official site of the bus company and there are instructions on how to use the bus and other useful information. This is a diagram of the bus..

This is what the actual bus looks like.

IMG_5805I think the best economical way to see Kyoto is through their bus system. It is cheap, efficient and very easy to understand and navigate. We even took the bus back to Kyoto station with our luggage, good thing we traveled at night time since it can get crowded during the day, especially on busy hours.