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IMG_5707The night before, I went on the internet to look for good places to eat in Kyoto. There were those my budget could not afford of course like a really good kaiseki meal. I came across a blog who suggested this place and it’s located at the Kyoto Station, on the top floor of Isetan. After walking around Fushimi Inari and we had our stop at Kyoto Station, it was a welcome treat.

Like most Japanese restaurant, the food that they have are displayed outside. They serve mostly katsu.

IMG_5709Good thing we were there earlier like around 11am since I read on the blog that there’s always a line here. When we came in, there were a lot of people but we had seating. After our meal when we left, we saw the line outside.

We were given a menu and placed our order. There is unlimited barley rice which was really good and felt healthy to eat. Before our order came, we were given sesame seeds to grind and a card that explains the sauces on the table.

IMG_5716 IMG_5717 IMG_5718Our food came in after a few minutes. I ordered tonkatsu and I’m not actually sure if this is prawn but it’s too big, it can’t be a lobster but it was so good!!! The best katsu I’ve ever had. Granted I haven’t had a lot but it was really good. I’m not exaggerating. My cousin got shrimp tempura and she loved it too. We had extra helpings of barley rice. The cabbage was unlimited too but we’re not really into cabbage. We loved the miso soup too.

IMG_5721 IMG_5723 IMG_5724We were so full and satisfied. It was so good for a day of walking. This is probably one of our better meals in Japan. Actually, most of the food we had in Japan was good and this was probably in the top 5 considering our budget. ^.^