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IMG_5504The Fushimi Inari Shrine is infamous for its bright red Torii gates. This shinto shrine is for the worship of the god Inari. We also found a lot of kitsune (fox) statues which are believed to be his messengers.

The first time I saw the Fushimi Inari shrine is from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha and I thought it was just beautiful. I told myself that I would see it in person one day.

To get to Inari shrine, we took the subway to Kyoto Station. From there, we took the JR Nara line to the Inari stop which only costs 140 yen.


IMG_5462Of course, we had to do the cleansing first. There were a lot of students on field trips and businessmen walking around this shrine.

IMG_5466A kitsune at the entrance. They usually have something in their mouth, it can be keys, or other objects. This one looks like it’s holding a rope.

IMG_5475Priests offering food and prayers.

IMG_5484Plenty of amazing pictures of the torii gates on the trail.

IMG_5495The Torii shrines are actually donated by individuals and businesses. Their name and the date it was donated are carved on the gates. The price ranges from 400,000 yen to a million.

IMG_5497Cute fox prayer tablets..

IMG_5522We saw a bunch of smaller structures. I would assume they would be graves but I’m not sure.

IMG_5552This was a nice surprise along the hike up. A beautiful lake.. which just seems so other worldly and peaceful.

IMG_5568We saw a map around here and it was saying that we could go further up for 1-2 more hours and we just didn’t have the time or the energy so we decided to go back down. I’m sure the view up top would have been nice, looking over Kyoto.

On our way down, we saw a few workers working on a torii gate. It’s either they are putting a new one or repairing/repainting an older one.

IMG_5609At the bottom near the main gate, I bought myself a mini torii gate for 800 yen to write my wishes.

IMG_5661 IMG_5662 IMG_5681Afterwards, we walked through the street with shops next to it and made our way back to the station. These fox cakes are adorable.

IMG_5692 IMG_5697