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On our first night in Kyoto after checking-in the hostel, we asked the guy at the reception which places can we visit close by. We wanted to see cherry blossoms. He directed us to a park but we got lost and found our way to Murayama Park, thanks to a nice older Japanese couple who pointed us at that direction.

Since it was night time, we couldn’t really see any of the cherry blossoms so we just walked around the Yasaka Shrine.

IMG_5397 IMG_5399I threw some coin, rang the bell and offered a prayer.

IMG_5408Then we exited through the main gate.

IMG_5422We were really surprised to see Gion.

IMG_5417The lantern lined streets of Gion. We went to the Geisha street hoping to spot one but we failed. There were plenty of tourists around the area, waiting for a peek at a lovely Geisha. This street was lined with tea houses.

IMG_5427 IMG_5432After a while, we took the subway and called it a night.