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IMG_5022Remm Shin Osaka is probably the most convenient hotel in the area since it is in the train station itself. It can be tricky to find it. The instructions I found on the internet says: “The Kansai airport limited express Haruka drops you in the main JR station. From here (platform 11), take the “East” exit, turn right and follow the walkway for a hundred metres or so, taking a right into the large plaza just past the calligraphy store. You’ll find the Shinkansen “Central” gate on your right and the Remm entry straight ahead of you. There will be Tully coffee shop and 2 other restaurants there, to your right there will be a entrance to building and sign for REMM hotel on your right. Lobby is at 12th floor” This is about right except that it is more confusing when you’re actually there. The picture above is where the Central gate is on the left. I saw a Krispy Kreme store ahead on the left if you’re coming towards the Central gate and it’s on your right. Right behind it is the Tully’s coffee shop. Remm Shin Osaka would be on the right turn and you would see the signs pointing to it. You will see this door as you enter.


Further down are the elevators to the 12th floor. We checked in and paid for the night’s stay. We were given our hotel card with the wifi password.

IMG_5029This is the lobby (sort of) on our floor, in front of the elevators. Cool eh?

IMG_5035The room was small to say the least but we were actually happy with it. It was functional and comfortable.

IMG_5033Hangers on the left by the door with slippers and a safe.

IMG_5034IMG_5036This unassuming massage chair makes our whole stay worthwhile. It soothed my back really well. On the left is the fridge with free bottled water.

IMG_5038The bathroom was small but it was nice and airy. It had killer views too.

IMG_5042Amenities include toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, comb, cotton buds, and a shower cap. Facial soap is also provided on the sink and it’s the nice kind. I think it’s Sisheido. I actually wanted to buy one at the airport but couldn’t find one that is exactly the same. There was also shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower and they were okay.

IMG_5043It wouldn’t be Japan if the toilet wasn’t high-tech.

IMG_5044I couldn’t understand most of the functions but I just had an educated guess based on the pictures. ^.^

IMG_5052Look at our view.. It’s really nice at night too.


I really love Remm Shin-Osaka. This was actually accidental since the room I wanted in Kyoto had no availability and when I asked for other rooms, the price was close to Remm’s so I decided to spend the night in Osaka before moving on to Kyoto. If I come back to Osaka and had money to splurge on accommodation, I would stay here again. I love the accessibility, the design and function of the room, and the train station vibe with all the stores easily accessible if I needed a drink or something. The price is actually affordable for Japan but for budget travelers like me, it’s a splurge. I think it’s worth it. ^.^