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IMG_4434Dakasi is a company that originated in Taiwan. It offers a wide range of pearl milk tea or bubble tea, and other drinks. This branch in SM Tarlac just opened about a month ago or early this month. I even got a pen as a promotion. It is located on the lower ground floor, across the food court. This branch is really tiny with just two tables and less than 10 chairs so there really isn’t room to hangout. It’s just a grab and go kind of store.

IMG_4433To order, you go up to the counter. They have a pretty vast selection. The workers are very helpful. I don’t drink coffee or tea so I really am clueless about these kinds of thing. I settled for a juice drink and asked the lady which was their best seller on that category. She suggested I try the Iced Mango. The price for most of the Regular drinks is PHP80 or 90 and PHP90 or 100 for the Large drink which is just a 10 pesos difference so I got the Large drink. We were given a receipt with a number on top. They call out the number once the drink is ready.


Here is their menu in the SM Tarlac Branch.

IMG_4438This is where they make and mix the drinks.

IMG_4442Here is my Iced Mango drink.

IMG_4444IMG_4445It was really good. I’ve tried the Iced Strawberry too before, I prefer that over this one but this was good too. I think I would like to try the yogurt drinks or the smoothies next time. ^.^