I actually ate a lot while I was in Canada since we didn’t have much to do but eat out. I’m not complaining.

This was from a late night dinner coming from Niagara at China Town in downtown Toronto.


This was from a shabu shabu place at the food court of Pacific Mall. Really bad service but the food was alright.

78This was my first poutine. It’s a very popular Canadian dish which originated in Quebec. It’s french fries topped with brown gravy and curd cheese. There are various toppings that can be added. I really liked it. Who doesn’t love fries?

5This is probably my favorite food in Toronto. I’ve had Greek food in Utah before, the fast food kind too but it wasn’t this good. I always order this whenever I get the chance. It’s chicken souvlaki with rice and salad from Jimmy the Greek.


My aunt cooked sopas one really cold winter night and it was perfect.

9I didn’t actually eat these but I just took a picture at a store in Vaughn Mills since it’s just too pretty.

10For New Year’s, my uncle cooked a lot of food. We even had lobster. ^.^

1617We ate a lot at this all you can eat Japanese place called Yang’s Sushi Bar. It’s expensive but you can order unlimited everything. My family ordered a few plate of salmon sashimi. I never thought I would say no to more food. We were so full.

12We also went to an affordable and yummy Dimsum place for lunch at Scarborough. It was packed, good thing my uncle and cousin already went ahead and got us a table.

14At the mall, before watching an NBA game we got a small snack and had this ham and cheese crepe while my uncle got the Popeye crepe and you guessed it, it was filled with spinach and cheese.

11We also went to Ikea for the $2.99 breakfast. It’s a steal. I just love Ikea. It was funny because we were an hour early before it opened so we just went by the nearest McDonalds and ordered a pancake and ate while waiting for Ikea to open. :D

13While at the mall, we had some Taro Bubble Tea drinks (plenty of Asians in Toronto) and chocolate croissants.

15This is the first time I had Popeye’s and they have really good chicken. The size is huge too!

18I think I wouldn’t mind living in Mexico for the food or Spain. I just had to try Chipotle’s Burrito which you can find in the posh mall food courts. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was dry.

19My second to the last dinner in Toronto was at Max’s which is a Filipino restaurant. It’s the only one in Toronto and my aunt and uncle who had been living there for years wanted to experience it. It was their first time. I think it has only opened for about a year. They ordered a lot. It was good, just like the Max’s here but with bigger servings.