My two young cousins from Canada always tells two things about food in Canada: Swiss Chalet and Tim Horton’s. My cousin who loves ribs tells me this is his favorite restaurant. On our way to Niagara Falls on a really snowy day, we dropped by Swiss Chalet for lunch.


IMG_3846Like most restaurant, you tell them how many are in your party and you wait til they get a table ready for you. Since they weren’t too busy during lunch time, we got a table right away.

IMG_3847It’s like a typical american diner with mostly meat in its menu. They had fish as well but it was limited. They also have a few specials since it was just a few days past Christmas.

IMG_3848My brother ordered the ribs with chicken and a choice of mashed potato or rice and a roll. I think this was priced at 12.99 or 15.99 which wasn’t too bad since that’s a big slab of meat. They had really huge servings.

IMG_3851I got the chicken one since I wasn’t that hungry. Plus I really am kind of shy to order a lot when I know someone else will be paying for my meal.

IMG_3852The ribs and the chicken were good but I wouldn’t say I would go back for more. They have this brown sauce as a dip which is a special only found in their restaurant. It’s a brown buttery sauce and it tastes really different. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It just takes getting used to. Some people love it while some don’t like it in our group. The food was alright. I think it’s like Denny’s in the U.S. where they are an institution since they’ve been around for a while and you are used to their meals, like comfort diner food. So, I understand why Swiss Chalet is very popular in Canada.