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A few days ago, I was at the supermarket and I saw a canned Refried Pinto Beans from La Costena. I was really surprised that they had them available. I’ve always wanted to make the 7 layer Dip from the first time I got the taste of it at  one of the parties I went to in Utah. A friend’s Mom prepared it and I could never forget the taste. It’s perfect with plain tortilla chips.


I looked for recipes on the internet and I found one at allrecipes.com but I didn’t follow it to a T. Since the ingredients are limited and some are expensive so I didn’t put as much. This is the Recipe I ended up with.

4From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

  1. Refried Pinto Bean. Spread it on the pan as the base. The recipe says on a 9×13 inch pan but I only put mine on a smaller 7×11 inch pan. It was a lot.
  2. Cheese. I used a package of Kraft Eden Cheese. The recipe calls for shredded Cheddar-Monterey Jack Cheese but we don’t have that available in the groceries usually.
  3. Beef. I sauteed the beef in garlic and Olive oil. Then when it was brown, I drained it of the oil and added the Taco sauce. Left it in the heat and stirred it for a while so the beef can absorb the Taco sauce.
  4. Sour Cream. At the SM Grocery store, the only currently available sour cream is by Nestle. It comes in a 200 or 250 gram package. It’s bitin but it’s expensive to buy another one so I just spread it around. Plus It’s not that flavorful as sour creams should be in my opinion. I would try another brand if I see one available.
  5. Guacamole. I made my own since I didn’t have a choice. :P I bought 2 avocados which would have been perfect. Since I don’t know Avocados, I got one ripe violet one and a mistake of getting one green one which was still so hard, I couldn’t mash it. So, I ended up with just one avocado. I did’t season it anymore since there are a ton of other flavors anyway.3
  6. Salsa. I bought a ready made one from La Costena in medium and it was just right. It was still spicy but not that spicy. It still has that kick.
  7. Top with Olives, Tomatoes and Cheese. I didn’t have olives so I just topped it with chopped tomatoes and cheese. Also I put slices of Jalapenos which was really unnecessary. I wouldn’t put any the next time I make another one.This is the final product.

It was yummeh! ^.^