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It has long been a dream of mine to take my brother to watch an NBA game since we are big basketball fans. So when we visited Toronto, it was in our to do list. We initially wanted to watch the Toronto Raptors vs. the Oklahoma City Thunders but their tickets were really expensive and the schedule on a Sunday was pretty tight so we decided to watch the Toronto Raptors vs. the Philadelphia 76ers game instead.

The Toronto Raptors game are held in the Air Canada Center. It also hosts the hockey games and a few concerts here and there. It is in downtown and accessible by subway.


I didn’t see a place where you can buy tickets. Most of the people we saw lining up already had tickets and were just showing their printouts like we did. This was the inside once you go in, you look for your seat row and section.

2This is what it looked like when the players were still doing warm ups before the game.

3Then they had this show with fire and all that and the cheerleaders dancing before introducing the players and the team.

4In between breaks, you never get bored. I always wonder what the people would do watching these games on commercial break. Apparently, there was plenty of entertainment from the mascot to the cheerleader routines and contests.

5We were seated really close to the dugout so we could see the players coming in during half time.

6We also bought snacks – hotdogs and sodas.

7You know those people behind the court with the distracting things, we were seated in that section. They give out these red long balloons before the second half started.

8A cheerleader giving out shirts.

9The Toronto Raptors won! :)

10The after game interview with cheerleaders dancing on the side.


So, it was a really good experience since we got really good seats. I’ve already watched an NBA game once in Utah but we only got the really upper level cheapest seats. It was better watching the game on TV in my opinion. That was actually what we did, we just saw most of the action on the jumbo-tron since you can’t really see the players well. This is the empty arena.