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The CN Tower is undoubtedly one of Toronto’s main tourist attraction. We almost didn’t go since it seemed a bit foggy when we were in the downtown area. We were afraid we won’t see anything at all when we’re high up. Since we’re already there and we didn’t want to make another trip the following day, we decided to just go when the weather seemed to clear up.


General admission tickets are $32 per adult. Here is a more complete list of the rates.

2Here’s our ticket..

3Then we proceeded to go on to the elevator and you would pass by a CN tower replica where you could take pictures. They also take a picture of your group at one section with a green screen at the back where you have the option to buy it later.

We passed by this metal detector looking thing but they push air out of the sockets and spray you with it. I’m not really sure what it was. Looked so high tech. :P


We went up the elevator in under 2 minutes to the viewing deck. It was a little uncomfortable with the ear thing where it feels like it was going to explode.

The views of Toronto are amazing.

5 6They also had the edge walk and I’m not sure if they are available with the wind and the cold. I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to try it. They had cameras all around so you can see if anyone was actually outside.

7This is my buwis buhay shot. It was very scary to be on the glass floor.


My cousin jumping on the glass floor.

8We also went outside the viewing deck for about 1 minute to take one picture since it was freezing. No wonder it’s empty.

10There are various information displays around the viewing deck too.

11We also watched the 4D version of Ice Age which was pretty cool since they had a wind machine and bubbles coming out.

We also tried the 4D ride which I hated. I just got a headache. These were included in our ticket.

12There was a photo desk area on your way out where you can buy the photo you took before getting on the elevator. We bought one for souvenir. Thanks uncle. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to buy it. Haha. There’s also a huge souvenir shop on your way out.