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Meet my first Maneki Neko. I named it Koko. :P I actually got it at this popular Chinese Mall called Pacific Mall in Toronto. It was full of Asians, you would think you were in Hong Kong and not in Canada. They had this whole store of Maneki Nekos. I asked the lady for luck and love and she recommended this one. :)

You probably see a lot of these cats in Chinese stores where they are considered good luck and they beckon customers with their raised paw. They say white is for general good luck and pink is for love.

I think this is a pre-emption of things to come, right koko?


It was one of the only two Malls open on a Sunday after the New Year’s weekend. Eaton’s was the only other mall open on that day but it shorter hours. Look at the crowd at the food court.

2We had shabu shabu for dinner at one of the food stalls. :)