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I have long since wanted to fly with Cathay Pacific since I’ve heard good things about them. Since they are tied up with Dragon Air, I got to fly my Hong Kong – Toronto leg of the trip with them.


I just noticed when we were at Hong Kong International Airport that my brother and I were not seated together so I go to the boarding gate desk to ask if there was any possibility of us seating together. They were not friendly. They were actually rude like they were practically shooing me away. I understand that the flight could be full but you can always let the passenger know in a nice way.

IMG_3823Then I stepped into the plane and I was glad that it had the 3-3-3 seat configuration. Seats were comfortable although the plane we were on I think has seen better days. I think that the aircraft was really impressive when it was new but they really need an update. This was the individual monitor. They had a USB plug which was nice.


IMG_3831The flight attendants were really courteous and nice. I could not say any bad thing about them. They did their job well. Once we were seated, they gave us nuts and a drink, the menu for dinner and the Canadian immigration form.




I got the pasta meal. It was okay. The ice cream was really nice.

IMG_3840This was the breakfast meal. I chose omelette over congee.

IMG_3841So, it was an okay flight and they had good service on board but really bad on the ramp or at the boarding gate. I don’t think I will want to fly Cathay Pacific next time unless they offer tickets at a really good price point.