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I used this service recently and up until now, I haven’t received the order which stresses me out because we need the document. I availed of the service because of the convenience and it was supposedly faster. Their website indicates that I should receive the documents 3-9 working days after payment. The dispatch email says that I should receive it in 2-6 Business days. It’s past that and I still haven’t received the documents. I emailed them twice and didn’t get a response. I should have just requested the document from SM’s Business Center. I would probably at least get it by now. So if you are considering this service, I hope you learn from my recent experience.  I don’t think I will be using this service anymore. 

Getting an NSO (National Statistics Office) issued Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) has been easier now. There are a few ways you can get one: 1. going to the local NSO office, 2. SM Business Centers, 3. Online.

There are two ways to get it online. One is through http://nso.citizenservices.com.ph/ and the one I prefer is through https://www.ecensus.com.ph/. I will tell you why. So this blog post will show you how to order an NSO issued Birth Certificate online through Ecensus.

ecensus 1

I have no issue with mine, I have no problem ordering it through any of the other options. My brother’s Birth Certificate however is a different story. A few years back, we ordered one online and we found out that their copy was not legible. So we were given a letter to ask the Local Registrar a copy of the original Birth Certificate and send it to them. That was exactly what we did. So fast forward to a year or two when we wanted to order an NSO issued copy of his Birth Certificate, we found that it was still blurred and not legible. We have tried it with the local NSO office, at the SM Business Center, online with Teleserv or http://www.nso.citizenservices.com.ph all with the same result of having a blurred and not legible copy. I almost made a trip to Manila to show them the documents I was sent. Good thing I tried it with Ecensus first and we got an NSO issued Birth Certificate – the corrected copy.

Anyway, so this is the process. Once you click on the button Click Here to Request Now, you will see this page.

ecensus 2This is the Contact and Delivery Information on who will receive the documents. The Fees are on the right. After you click the Next or Submit Button, a pop-up window will ask you if the information you have entered is correct which you can either change/edit or confirm to proceed on the next page.

ecensus 3This page will ask you what kind of certificate(s) you wanted to request. You can order multiple ones. You just fill out the form of each request which have basic questions like the names of your father and mother, their birthdays.

ecensus 4

After you have filled out and submitted a request, you will see your Batch Request number, Contact and Delivery Information, Requests Summary and Instructions on the right on how to pay for it. I think Teleserv accepts Credit Card transactions but Ecensus only accepts payments through bank deposit or online banking payment which in my case was through BDO.

ecensus finalIf you have a BDO Online Banking account, you just log into it. Click on Bills Payment. It’s important to click on Pay Company/Biller not requiring enrollment check box to limit the options. You will see E-CENSUS (UNISYS) on the list right away. On the Subscriber number, it is important to note that you put in the Batch Request Number if you are paying for all of your order assuming you have multiple ones, you input the number without dashes. If you are just paying for a particular request, you input the Request Reference Number.

payment 1

Then you will get a pop-up window that confirms the information you entered and if you wanted to continue.

payment 2Then it will give you confirmation of your payment.

You just wait about 3-5 Business days before the certificates get delivered. You will normally get an email notification that your request had been dispatched.