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I’ve been reading the hype about Yabu online and on instagram. So, when we had an appointment around the area of the Robinsons Mall Magnolia, we decided to have lunch at Yabu: House of Katsu which is located on the lower ground floor.


We were given the menus and had time to see the choices and take pictures. :P Set meals without drinks ranges from 300 to 650 pesos. Most of them come with unlimited rice and cabbage. The ambiance is casual and quirky. On one side of the wall, across from where we sat were enlarged comments or raves from bloggers.

2We still couldn’t decide on what to order so I asked the server for some information and she was really knowledgeable about the menu which is very good. I like that she gave me an informed recommendation with confidence.

3They gave me the bowl of black and white sesame seeds which you can ground with the pestle. The server explained how it’s done, how many scoops of sauce you can put in it. She also explained what the various dressings and condiments are. The sesame dressing is love! :) I think it’s because I ordered the Kurobota pork set that’s why I got the sesame seeds because my friend didn’t get any. She ordered something else. :P


I got the Kurobota Pork Set in 90 grams which is made of pork with a trimming of fat. Kurobota is also known as the Black Berkshire Pig according to their menu. The meat was really tender and the breading is evenly distributed. It is fried to perfection. It also comes with a bowl of fruit.

5My friend ordered the Rosu Special Katsudon which came in a bowl. You can actually tell the difference with my pork and hers. Mine was much softer. It doesn’t necessarily mean mine is better. I did enjoy the taste of the pork she ordered. They just had different textures from my point of view. It just depends what you like.

6It was a good meal. Would I come back? Maybe. I still don’t understand what the hype’s about. I mean it’s a good restaurant with good food but It’s not the kind of food I will not forget or crave.