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Around lunch time when we were touring the Temple complex, we ate at this open restaurant just across Angkor Wat. I was expecting the food to be sub par since the tuktuk drivers took us there. It was surprisingly better than expected. This was the beef dish.


Sweet and sour chicken

3The soup dish my brother ordered, we didn’t like. They have this leaf that they usually put in their dishes. The one in this was just overpowering. Maybe we’re just not used to the taste that’s why we find it a little bit offensive to our taste.

4I got barbecued chicken.

5And we got a free fruit plate at the end of our meal which consists of banana, pineapple and dragonfruit. :)

6These are a few of the condiments we love. We even bought a couple of the same soy sauce in Bangkok.

1Blue Pumpkin is one of the coziest bakeries in Siem Reap because of the bed/chair concept. Too bad the main one on the Old Market area is being renovated at the time of our visit so we went to the one closer to our hotel. They have ice creams that have different exotic flavors and combination like durian, green mango and such.

87One time we were going back to our hostel and we found this street vendor in wheels and decided to buy a few fish balls and crab sticks. They were yum! You get 4 sticks and vegetables with sauce for a dollar.

910One night, we went on a street stall for dinner across the Angkor Night Market area. I think they used to be inside the park where they sold really good cheap food last time we visited but I saw it being renovated at the time. We had the stove in the middle and cooked our food.

12We also ordered what we thought were prawns and they were expensive but they were more like craw fish.

13We also ordered this noodle dish for a dollar and it was good.

14Of course the usual condiments.

11We also tried their newly opened KFC. This wasn’t here on my previous visit. There was an ongoing promotion for 5500 or about a $1.35 for rice, soup, veggies, egg and chicken. I tried it and it was okay. My brother and cousins got the usual full meal.

15We ate twice at our favorite restaurant in Siem Reap – Viva Mexican Cafe. I love the Chimichanga and the salad that comes with it. My cousin got the Burrito with Nachos.

101617They also serve local rice dishes. My brother got the ribs. They always have this salt and pepper in vinegar. They even sell the salt and pepper combo at night markets. Maybe it’s a Cambodian thing.

18We were really curious about the exotic meats we saw at the sign. So after eating that full meal, we all chipped in to get an order of it. We were actually deciding between crocodile meat or kangaroo meat. Haha.

9We decided on the crocodile meat. It came with a huge amount of rice and veggies. It tastes like chicken but with a more elastic and harder consistency.