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There are other things to see and do in Siem Reap besides the Angkor Wat Complex which is the main tourist draw of the city. Here are a few things you can do aside from temple hopping while in the area.

1. Night Markets. There are a couple of them in Siem Reap. The one we frequented is called the Angkor Night Market since it was closer to our hotel.


16There’s another one called the Art Center Night Market which is new. It’s across the river from the Old Market. This wasn’t here a couple years ago when we visited last time. So, it’s a new addition. Both Markets basically sell the same souvenir items. Maybe with the exception of a few unique stores one might have from the other.  1


2. Bike or Walk around town. I love to see how the locals live their day to day life. I love the red dirt road. The random ice cold coconut vendor at a neighborhood store for a dollar.


3. Explore the Old Market/Pub Street Area. This is what I would consider the central area of Siem Reap. Plenty of inexpensive restaurants with good food. There are a few massage places as well. 1774. Get a Taste of Exotic Cuisine. You can always try the local Khmer food. For the more adventurous souls, we saw one restaurant offering different kinds of wild meat.

89Here’s our favorite Mexican Restaurant. It serves really good food. We were here twice in 3 days, on our first night and our last night. It’s called Viva Mexican Cafe.

105. Visit the Killing Fields Memorial. We know that Cambodia has an unfortunate past and many people have paid with their lives. This is a memorial for them. It’s heart-wrenching to look at the bones that were recovered and the pictures of the people who had lost their lives.

1819206. Visit the Silk Farm. It’s a little out of the way and far from the city. They basically give you a tour of how they produce the silk. Then, there’s a store at the end of the tour where you can choose to buy different kinds of garments made of silk.

217. The Cambodian Cultural Village. We didn’t actually go in here but we stopped by to take pictures outside. It looked like a really big area. I would guess that they would have a cultural center and shows inside.