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I really like the Pratunam area because of the shopping. I could go into any of the malls or market any time of the day. While looking for hotels, budget was the main concern as well as value for money and location. I emailed the Residence Rajtaevee Hotel a month prior to ask about their rates. They were really competitive at 1350 Baht a night for a Superior room good for 2 including breakfast at the time of booking. They didn’t require a deposit at the time of booking. I just had to reconfirm a few days prior and show them the email at reception.

front entrance pic taken from the website

front facade of hotel pic taken from hotel’s website

We took a Taxi from the Poipet border and the lady driver couldn’t find the hotel because it was on a side street on the main road. When we finally saw the sign of the hotel, we had to go around to find a way to it and we just ended up being dropped off on Petchburi Street and walked to the hotel.

Check-in was a breeze and I paid for our whole stay. We were told to get our breakfast vouchers every morning. Then we were shown to our rooms which were on the second floor, close to each other. This was our room.

IMG_2839Bed was very comfortable. Some of the furnitures have seen better days but they’re still good. The aircon looks old but it’s temperature controlled and it’s very powerful. This was our old school TV and desk.

IMG_2840There were free bottled waters in the fridge which were the glass ones. We didn’t read the instructions and menu which were inside the desk that the plastic bottled water were being charged 20 Baht and we drank like 4 of those. What a waste. They’re only 10 Baht at the 7-11 close by. There were huge closets on the other side of the room but we never really used them.

IMG_3360The bathroom is lovely. It is newly renovated. I like the simple and functional design.

IMG_2841We used the bath tub a lot. It’s so nice to fill it up with hot water and just soak in it after a long day of walking.

IMG_2969The rooms have this cool feature wherein you push a button if you wanted your room clean or not be disturbed. These are the buttons inside the room.

IMG_3355It will show outside of your room what you wanted done. It is lighted up. The door bell is below.

IMG_3357Breakfast was surprisingly good. I’ve been to other small hotels in the Pratunam area and they only make you pick something from a list for breakfast but this hotel offers buffet style breakfast and it has ample selection. I wish I took pictures but I didn’t. I never bring my camera. I only took a picture of my plate on my phone. Expect the eggs, sausages and other things to be available everyday but they change up 2 or 3 main dishes everyday. The boys who were healthy eaters really enjoyed it.

brekkyWe enjoyed our stay in the hotel. It does feel like a real hotel instead of a hostel. There are a few things I didn’t enjoy like the location. We were always in Pratunam instead of Petchburi side so it might have been better if we stayed in the middle of Pratunam, closer to the markets and street food. I had to pay for internet connection. I got the one hour one for 120 or 150 Baht, I think. I wish they had the information on the large desk next to the TV so we would have found out that the plastic water bottles were not free instead of the information tucked inside the drawer. But all in all, we had a really enjoyable stay. Service was good and rooms were clean.