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Wat Arun is also known as the Temple of the Dawn. It’s across the river from the Royal Palace Complex and Wat Pho. We had to take the ferry across it for 3 Baht. We went to Wat Pho first but my cousins didn’t want to pay the 100 Baht fee. I think they had Temple Overload in Siem Reap so they just wanted to see one in Bangkok. We chose Wat Arun. 

The Temple grounds are really nice and well kept.

The entrance fee is still at 50 Baht. Make sure to dress appropriately for the temple. I had shorts on but I brought my Pashmina scarf with me which I used as a skirt to cover my legs.

The climb up the temple is really steep. I only came up one level. There’s another level up but I decided not to climb it.

The view from up those steep stairs. You can see the Grand Palace across the red murky river. It’s really pretty.

I love seeing monks in their saffron robes.

We took this for our uncle who loves pigeons while waiting for our ferry.

This is what the ferry looks like.

We tried to get in the Grand Palace complex just to take a look at it before the booths where you buy your tickets at around 4pm but they are not letting anyone in anymore. So we just decided to go home and tried to hail a Taxi but they were all overpriced. No one wanted to turn on the meter. Finally, we just settled for a price that was about 50 Baht less than what everyone was asking for.