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Siam Paragon is the huge mall next to CentralWorld. It’s accessible by the BTS sky train Siam Station. It was really close to our hotel so we could actually walk to get there or catch the complimentary golf cart on the street of our hotel which we never catch since we are usually impatient to wait for it and it could only fit 4 people maximum. Right in front of it is Siam Square, MBK is at a walkable distance and Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center are different malls next to it. We thought they were all the same and we had to go through parking lots to get to Siam Paragon. Anyway, one of the attractions are the Siam Ocean World. The lower ground floor looks like water.

They had quite a few displays of expensive cars at the time.

There were so many upscale dining options. Look at the piano in the middle of a pond with amazing chandeliers.

We, on the other hand, were very satisfied with the food court. Haha.

I got a crispy shrimp omelette and someone got a fried chicken. Haha.

We decided to watch a movie. We actually picked the Paragon Cineplex because of the 4D experience but the movie that was showing on it was called Dredd and we weren’t really familiar with it. I haven’t even seen the trailer. So, we just decided to watch Resident Evil in 3D.

It’s very foreigner friendly. They had kiosks in English, an information booth and the manager spoke English so it was very easy to buy tickets and ask about the time schedules and prices. It’s huge. They had really nice lounge chairs to sit on while you wait for your partner or friends.

The food is a little pricey as with most movie theaters. We got this deal for 4 Drinks in this really huge black plastic Coca Cola cups which we took home and 2 kinds of popcorn. We got the cheese flavor which was really good. The original was bleh.

After we got our tickets, we went up the escalator. Restrooms were really nice by the elevators. We show the attendant our ticket and she gives us our 3D glasses. We were really early so we sat and took pictures on these really cool lounge chairs outside the actual cinema. I blurred their faces since I didn’t ask for their permissions yet to post the picture. Haha.

The theater wasn’t too big. You have to choose your seat while paying for the tickets and we chose the last row in the middle. The last two rows above us, you would have to pay a little bit extra. The chairs are really comfy and they lean back.

We were hungry after that and went to get dinner. This stall at the food court were doing hand pulled noodles which was pretty cool. There was a small crowd around them just watching them work. My cousin got a bowl of noodles with beef from them and he said that it was good.

We dropped by the grocery store after to get a few things to take home like our favorite soy sauce, the Siriracha and the spicy tamarinds.

Since it was my birthday, we decided to get a cake. :) We got a strawberry shortcake one from Baan Cakes. It came with candles and a plastic cake knife. They ran out of the Happy Birthday sign so the girl just piped the greeting on a cracker, at least my name is on it. :)